The Keystone Project

Session 10

The Blue Bastard

The Official Response Team approaches the gate and encounter Porthos and his dog. Porthos welcomes the visitors, who inform him that he is in fact the newcomer. Amaira asks him about the castle, which Porthos declares to be haunted, eventually revealing that the dead walk the halls.

Momoko asks about the leader, who apparently is still the undead “lordship”. Porthos directs them to the tavern called “The Ecstasy of Agony”. Amaira gets the name of the baron from Porthos, and Shan extracts from him that the undead are known to wander at night. Zorran wants to consult the relics to see how long this landmass will remain in the realm.

They track down Sheriff Hemlock, a human who resides in Dagna, to inform him about the new village and the castle full of undead. At the Walled City, the team encounters Mayor Dolorian and explain to him the situation. Zorran slinks off to meet with contacts, while the three women return to Dagna to set up an overnight watch.

While Zorran wants to go charging off into the night, the others argue that a good night’s rest is needed before proceeding into unknown territory. When Zorran offers to take first watch, he sneaks away and heads back to the new landmass to scope out the castle. He sees creatures roaming around, walking the walls in the moonlight.

Amaira wakes up about two hours after her watch was to begin. Seeing no sign of Zorran, Amaira asks around about him: nobody has seen him. She wakes up Momoko and Shan to inform them and they head off to the new area to seek him out. On their way, Momoko notices headless birds flying overhead with red eyes on their chests. Amaira and Momoko hear a rustling in the bushes, and then the sound of a sword unsheathing… and Zorran appears, from a different spot where the rustling came.

After some discussion, Zorran and Amaira set up to watch the castle for the rest of the night, while Momoko convinces Shan to return to Dagna after the latter tries to zap one of the watcher birds (and fails miserably). Zorran falls asleep after about an half-hour and Amaira takes on the watching.

The next morning, the bird has moved on, yet the undead continue their patrol at the castle. Shan and Momoko return to the hillside to rejoin Zorran and Amaira. While the undead have maintained their activity on the wall, Amaira notices that the town of Arven is quiet with nobody milling about. When they get to the gate, nobody is on duty, and nobody is found inside the walls. Magic is detected all around in the town, as if “bathing” in energy.

The houses are devoid of personal possessions, yet all of the buildings appear in good order and working condition. When they reach the bar, it is also devoid of people. The only furniture found is at the inn, fully operational, yet appears to not have been used recently. Zorran, Momoko, and Amaira all attempt to detect the sources of the magic: conjuration in a strong magic aura, meaning a spell is active and likely to summon.

The team heads to the castle, finding the gates wide open. The guards are wearing a uniform, and walking into the courtyard gets their attention. The skeleton warriors advance with menace!



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