The Keystone Project

Session 13

Momoko theorizes that the magical glow from the well may be this land mass’s keystone. Zorran discretely checks the shard of his people’s keystone (and didn’t tell anybody he has it) and it is indicating another keystone in the direction of the grand hall.

At the entrance, Shan opens one of the 10-foot-wide double doors that presumably lead to the grand hall. Upon opening the doors, all of the other doors start to close on that side as it opens. Inside the grand hall, a feast akin to that of Amaira’s people is happening, with all of the seats inhabited by skeletons dressed in finery. They eat and drink as the food items fall through their bodies, and the master of the hall sits at a throne.

Zorran points out what he thinks is the keystone behind the throne, so Shan sneaks up toward it. Zorran finally discloses that he has the capacity to link the keystone to Momoko and Amaira, so that they can ensure it doesn’t fall into the wrong hands if he happens to die. When Shan approaches the throne, the nobleman and his lady wife pay her no attention, and it appears that the skeletons are on a roughly 30-second loop of eating and drinking. The zombies take a different path to keep the plates stocked.

Amaira decides to swipe an ale, and the zombie butler lowers the platter so that she can take it. When she does, three skeletons fix their gaze upon her and begin to draw their weapons. She steps back to Zorran and Momoko, chugs the beer, and asks her compatriots are ready for a fight. Zorran decides to close the door, and once it is bolted in place, the skeletons sit back down when the three had left. Shan emerges through another exit and sulks about being locked in. They decide to check out the other room, and Shan leads the charge into the passageway that leads to barracks, complete with skeleton soldiers laying in beds and sharpening swords. Another room shows a skeleton putting on armour with zombies attending in a smithing area.

The team decides to attack this skeleton, which takes up a shoddy sword and charges at Shan. The zombies ignore the melee and continue their work. The party then proceeds into an armoury and more doors, one leading to the feast hall. Momoko suggests returning to the entrance hall to speak to the zombie butler. She asks to be taken to the sorcerer of the castle, and the zombie leads them into the great hall and goes to the door behind the lord.

The Official Response Squad decides to go inspect the lord’s door, closing the main door behind them. Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion, next time on The Keystone Project!



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