The Keystone Project

Session 14

Freeze that bone flute!

As the squad enters the hall, they get swarmed by the skeleton horde of diners and nobles (dressed in the fashions of South Crystalmere) , warriors (dressed like tiefling warriors), “exotics” (dressed like people of the mountain), and bards (singing in infernal), not to mention the lord and lady of the fortress. Despite their best efforts, Zorran falls to the assault, and Amaira rescues him from the floor. Momoko closes the doors while the other three begin their retreat. Shan makes an excellent showing, and also falls just as she reaches the doors. Amaira (fused with Enamund), with Zorran over her shoulder, she picks up Shan [after spending a hero point] and gets behind the doors just as Momoko shuts the doors.

To keep the doors shut, Amaira drops the two unconscious compatriots to hold the doors fast against the might of the skeletons while Momoko closes the bolts. Back out in the courtyard, the headless birds are watching with their chest-eyes as they place Zorran and Shan on the back of the skeleton horse. As they make their way out, Amaira and Momoko see the town devoid of inhabitants in the valley below, and make way for Dagna. The travel goes safely, yet half an hour into the trip, six birds are still circling. Momoko attempts to shoot them down, and they fly higher to avoid attack. The birds follow all the way to Dagna. Amaira takes the injured back to the headquarters and seeks out a medic while Momoko goes to speak with Faustina Bystrom about taking care of the headless birds.

One of the elders from the Raven’s Eye Mystic Lodge accompanies Amaira to help with the healing. Zorran and Shan awaken and all decide a long rest would do everyone some good. Amaira decides to take the skeleton horse to a stables, and gets a concerned reaction from the stablemaster, who reluctantly agrees to keep the undead creature for her.

Momoko asks Faustina for a bow-master, and she offers to find someone who is a distinguished hunter to take care of the flying fiends.

When they discuss the next moves, Amaira suggests collecting up more attackers, and Zorran produces a small branch of a bonsai tree, calling it a keystone. Shan feels unwell to the stomach and excuses herself. With five days remaining until the land disappears, they decide to consult the leaders of each of the settlements to determine the decision on whether to keep the land. Momoko has authority for Atamaishiyama, Zorran returns to the Walled City to deliver the news, Amaira will talk to the elders in Danga, and then in the morning all will have an emergency meeting in the Walled City. Some of the team will go to South Crystalmere to talk to Albert Grove and explain it to him on the way to the meeting.



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