The Keystone Project

Session 2

After Zorran’s negotiation to release those in the fields, the injured are transported back to the Walled City, unconscious. Zorran locks the three adventurers in a secret room in the town hall and then reports to his mayor, Dolorian. Zorran and Dolorian return with a healer to the secret room, and all three regain consciousness after some medical attention. When it is revealed that Zorran gave the hobgoblins advanced notice of the party’s approach, Amaira lands a punch on him and chews him out for his transgression.

Remilia tries to discern what Zorran’s motivation was for the remaining prisoners. Amaira figures that Zorran was the one to negotiate the release of three, so he will also be needed to negotiate the release of the remaining twenty-one prisoners when the hobgoblins arrive the next day for a “diplomatic meeting”.

Zorran fills in the mayor on what happened, along with the earthquake, the bird with the cloth, and the tieflings gearing up in the direction of the collision. He then catches up with the three others to discuss “the signal” that Faustina Bystrom saw in the earthquake and the bird. Momoko figured it was simply their reaction to the incident, whereas Zorran figures it goes beyond that with the “bloodlust” the tieflings appeared to exhibit, implying that Faustina and her crew knew about the impending collision.

Momoko heads to the library to research hobgoblins. Amaira stops in at a pub hoping to learn what word has spread about the earthquake, collecting very little new information. Remilia finds a horse and heads to South Crystalmere to recruit the help of Elbert Grove. Zorran regales the pub with stories of his past exploits, and despite Amaira’s attempted booing, wins over the crowd.

Momoko tracks down Remilia before she leaves and proposes an attempt to rescue the captured while the diplomatic discussions are happening at the Walled City. The wealthiest man in the land, Elbert Grove, welcomes the two to his manor amongst the apple orchard. Remilia easily convinces him to assist in taking up arms against the hobgoblins.

Zorran’s assistant finds Amaira regarding the diplomatic meeting tomorrow, and requests that she keep herself out of sight in order to live up to the agreement that they would be tried as criminals. He does the same with Momoko and Remilia regarding their crimes (as Remilia asked, “The crime of being shot in the face?”). Momoko assures him that they will not be in view.



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