The Keystone Project

Session 24

Ring of fire sword

On the morning following the festival, the squad decides to head up to the castle inhabited by the undead. They stumble upon many pieces of silverware for Momoko‘s tea house, as well as a magic ring that Zorran uses to summon a fire sword. After some fooling around with a magical vault door, Zorran decides to isolate himself on the other side and found he couldn’t open it. Maeve rescued him from some spear-wielding creatures by opening the door, which repelled them. When Amaira decides to help Zorran a second time, the creatures return in a group of five, but they turn out to be an eclectic collection (human, bugbear, etc.) and talk about their “circles” and their dedication to the blood gods.

Amaira and Maeve discuss the disappearance of the gods one thousand years ago, and whether the blood gods actually exist in this realm. (The worshipers were under the impression that they receive blessings to their sacrifices.) They decide to head back to town with their loot (silverware, fire ring, ice pendant, food, etc.).

Cashwise, each party member gets: 14 PP, 137 GP, 30 SP, 11 CP. With 1 copper leftover, Amaira suggests throwing it down the well and making a wish. She watches it plummet down the water and come to a rest upon the shield. “My wish didn’t come true!”



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