The Keystone Project

Session 5

The following day, the “official response squad” split up to take care of their own private business: Momoko decides to go home to visit her village and recruit apprentices; Shan and Amaira head to Dagna to work on setting up a base, with Shan’s focus on building a dojo and Amaira visiting with her rescued cousin Estarus; Zorran also leaves the Walled City for Dagna to investigate a samsaran who had moved there. {Amaira generates 4 points of influence with the Dagna folks to help Shan with her dojo, while Shan gets 2 points of her own, and obtains a “level 1” dojo with a downpayment.}

Zorran has difficulty tracking the samsaran named Tybrus, but eventually finds him at a bed and breakfast. After speaking with the landlord, Zorran’s request to relay a message is denied as Tybrus is looking to stay away from others of his kind… but he ends up going to knock on the door looking for Tybrus. The door opens and Zorran finds a darkened room with a lantern going, and Tybrus in the shadows with a crossbow. Tybrus is convinced he gets killed every lifetime for the last seven, not “unfortunate accidents” as Zorran had heard, and has received a letter, which Zorran requests to read. Despite Zorran’s best attempts, Tybrus remains suspicious.

Amaira finds Estarus at the family lodge. They talk about the capture and the future of relations with new lands that may encounter. Estarus speaks about his desire for raiding and how it felt good at the time, but in retrospect not so much after being on the “other side” with the hobgoblins. Amaira confides that she has yet to have feel the urge for destruction from the demon blood that runs through their veins.

Momoko heads to her village, with an uneventful day of travel.

The next day, Amaira seeks out a location for the headquarters of the squad. Zorran goes to the hall of lineage to research who may have chosen Tybrus as a target. Shan starts setting up the dojo using Amaira’s influence with the Reaving Falcon Warrior Lodge. Momoko reaches the village and meets with Okimoto.

Another day later, Shan starts outfitting the dojo with mats and dummies. Momoko seeks out apprentices. Zorran continues his research. Amaira finds herself unable to decide what to do.



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