The Keystone Project

Session 6

A new day breaks. Momoko recruits Aki and Haruno from Atamaishiyama and start back toward Lake Crystalmere. She tells them about the other races who live in the rest of the realm while they walk.

Shan is performing her morning exercises when she encounters a tiefling from the Reaving Falcon Warrior Lodge at her Shotokai Dojo, who challenges her to a fight. She manages to best him with little effort. Later in the day, she heads for the roughest bar in Dagna to see if the waitresses are having any problems, and how they deal with it. It is on the west side and typically frequented by the lumberjacks and tiefling warriors. The lumber camp is typically attacked by goblins, and sometimes the Reaving Falcon Warrior Lodge provides extermination services. Shan notices that one of the servers is male, and appears to be eye candy for the alpha females. Shan speaks to him and lets him know about the dojo, offering him to partake in one of her classes.

Amaira heads east to the grasslands to partake in a day-long “vision quest” to gain some meditative restoration, opening her mind to hear from other planes of existence. She comes across a mature tree that has always been healthy and home to a ant colony, and finds it has been savagely taken down with an axe. The ants are spilling out of the pulpy stump and into the grass, and the attack appears to be recent (within a week). Amaira determines this to be a divination and a reflection of something worldly: are we the ants? She puts out her hand and senses exploration and discovery. Amaira and Enamund continue on their quest…

Zorran is spontaneously inspired to take a meditative spell of his own and takes a day off from his official duties, hoping to reflect on the recent events. He spends his time in The Walled City.

The following day, Minako continues the journey with her apprentices, and the skies are getting cloudier. Aki appears to have a paper umbrella as the only protection from rain. Momoka hastens the pace so that they can reach town before the storm hits, and Aki is completely exhausted while Haruno appears to have managed.

Shan spends some time on the roof looking for possible holes where rain may leak through.

Amaira awakens the next day in the grasslands and sees the impending storm, and finds her boots missing from her feet and her hairbrush has been set out for use. After searching around the campsite, she finally the boots inside her bag! She curses “the ghost” and heads back to Dagna.

The storm begins, with pouring rain and lightning. The waiter Annick appears at Shan’s dojo and expresses interest in lessons.

Another day passes. Aki is looking unwell and appears to have damaged feet. Momoko heads to the Reaving Falcon Warrior Lodge with Aki in tow to seek out healing for his feet, and finds Faustina Bystrom conversing with some of the older members of the lodge. Estarus greets Momoko and ascertains her needs, and then brings her over to Faustina. Momoko also speaks about establishing an “embassy”, and gets a lead on an empty café, whose current owner enters negotiations with her.

Shan continues training Annick.

Zorran remains in The Walled City, continuing his investigation into the secret societies.

Amaira attempts to reconnect with the “official response squad”, and finds the new dojo with Shan and her student. She gives him a leering look, which embarrasses him and he shuffles away. They decide to meet in the evening at the dojo. Amaira continues to search and sees Momoko with her two apprentices and informs her of the meeting. Momoko didn’t know about the dojo, and Amaira mentions how she helped Shan with finding the real estate. Zorran being the last member, Amaira walks to The Walled City and seeks him out, eventually finding him at the pub Generations (full of samsarans). He greets her and offers a honey wine (tulip flavour), a specialty at Generations. Amaria informs Zorran of the evening meeting, and then enjoys wine and exotic foods.

The four convene at the dojo, and Amaira hasn’t quite sobered up yet. Shan reminds Amaira that it was her task to bring the food, so she ventures out to a viking restaurant and pays for a delivery meal. The restaurant staff are amused by the experience. Momoko mentions the vacant café, and Amaira offers to help as she did with Shan obtaining the dojo. Momoko also wants the group to ensure that those who talk about the tengu are “corrected” that the rescuers were just mountain men in feathered capes. Momoko also brings up gems under the mountain being guarded by lizard-like monsters.



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