Bekan Hildesdottr

Elder representing the Slumbering Bear Lodge


Bekan is the Elder that represents the Slumbering Bear lodge on the council. He’s a straight forward personality with a bash approach to life. Even though it comes off as tacky, he has an undeniable joie de vivre. He has no family in Dagna and lives for the hunt. He serves the lodge by being a counterbalance to their typical methodical resolve, instead pushing them out of complacency.

Bekan was born to an interracial couple. His father was a farmer of South Crystalmere, his mother a tiefling of Dagna. Prejudice against this marriage led to an assassination attempt upon his family covered up by a house fire. Luck was with him that night though as his attacker was killed by a falling beam in the house, and being a tiefling, he was able to survive the flames to escape with his life. While fleeing the countryside, he happened across a middle aged hunter. Bekan reminded the hunter of his own dead son, and brought him into the lodge. There, Bekan grew up among the hunters and joined their ranks.

When Bekan is not in town or hunting, he is often found at the fort where Jormungandr prowls, studying the undying beast.


Bekan Hildesdottr

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