Yamada no Momoko

Kitsune Lotus Geisha sorceress


19081074.jpgMomko is a daughter of the one remaining noble houses left in the mountain village atamaishiyama.

As a young girl, she discovered her musical talent, and was apprenticed as a geisha. Momo is a dedicated, hard worker, and quickly mastered the many skills needed as a geisha.

As a teen, she discovered that she had also inherited her legendary great grandmother’s magical talent as a kitsune. Her great-grandmother Yuzu manifested all nine tails, and was also a great spell caster.

Unlike most of the other residents on the mountain, Momo makes frequent trips to the city at the base of the mountain, to acquire as many traditional songs and stories as possible from the great library, and has been acting as an informal ambassador to the other settlements.

Momoko’s Battle Gear


Yamada no Momoko

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