Remilia Atkascha

Red Mage, Adventurer Extraordinaire


Magus Spells (10)
Floating Disk
Keep Watch
Feather Fall
Blood Money
Unseen Servant
Hydraulic Push
Obscuring Mist

Investigator Formulae (8)
Cure Light Wounds
Endure Elements
Comprehend Languages
Heightened Awareness
Crafter’s Fortune
Ant Haul
Polypurpose Panacea


Short Form Background!

  • Born in South Crystalmere
  • Mother is Daella Atkascha, town herbalist
  • Father was Alexich Atkascha, blacksmith, but has died of fever
  • Younger sisters are Cecilia (now 19) and Ophelia (now 15)
  • Spent a lot of time in the Temple of Water, reading the books and absorbing whatever knowledge she could
  • Both practical magical knowledge and historical records of adventurers
  • Had a love affair with Dirk Ironstag, local ‘hero’ – bard with delusions of grandeur
  • Things went south very rapidly when it turned out Dirk was seeing both her and Cecilia
  • Remilia and Cecilia tricked Dirk, covered him in honey, and pushed him into a beehive, then told everyone what he’d done
  • Remilia is one of the few people in Crystalmere who enjoys visiting the other territories, often accompanies trade caravans
  • Sadly passed away in the escape from the Hobgoblin Cannibal Slavers

Remilia Atkascha

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