The Keystone Project

Session 17


Upon returning to Dagna, the party sees that members of the Sleeping Bear Lodge are still perched on rooftops with their bows at the ready. Amaira suggests stopping for lunch before continuing to the Walled City to deliver the signed contract. To the tavern!

Annick greets the party and seats them at a table, and tells Shan about his progress on clapping while doing push-ups. The special of beef-and-corn stew gets served, and after they take the signed contract to the legal experts at the Walled City, followed by a visit to Mayor Dolorian to deliver an update. Momoko proposes having a festival to celebrate the joining of the new land, and the others tell her about the festivals in Dagna, the Walled City, and South Crystalmere. Zorran says he’ll stay at his place in the City.

Momoko, Amaira, and Shan round up the three main lodge leaders to meet at the tea house in an hour. Faustina Bystrom is displeased to be summoned away from the lodge, but grudgingly agrees. Ordan Freydisdottr is hanging laundry, incensing the carpets and tapestries to infuse them with ritual smokes. Bekan Hildesdottr is off studying Jörmungandr, so they speak to Liefen the deputy, an athletic, wiry fellow.

Momoka explains the situation at the castle and the town of Arven to the lodge leaders. Despite some misgivings from Faustina and Ordan, they all accept the terms of the agreement with Abarthrax. Momoko goes on to talk about her plans for a festival to celebrate the recent joining. Faustina agrees with Amaira about making this the rite of adulthood, and Ordan says it is up to her husband to determine when that is to occur. Everyone agrees on having the festival in two weeks.

Amaira volunteers to go relay the information about the new land and the festival to Elbert Grove. When Shan returns to her dojo, Annick admits that he can’t clap nine times during a push-up, and he meant he could do one clap with a push-up nine times in a row. He fears that Amaira will be disappointed if she finds out.

Momoko travels to Atamaishiyama and speaks with Okimoto about the festival and spends the weekend.



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