The Keystone Project

Session 25

Returning to Dagna, the official response squad return to the tea house to find Aki Yamamura and Haruno Kimura passed out from a sugar coma. When Momoko tells them of the riches she has returned with, they hop into action and start cleaning things up. She then goes on a shopping trip for cooking equipment and finds that iron is in short supply. Momoko comes acrosss some of the Ahlgren sister and asks them where to source iron, and for help with getting her tea house operational. She strikes up a deal with Vittoria Ahlgren to help manage the business.

Maeve approaches Amaira and Zorran, and then Momoko, about heading to the goblin forest to collect lumber in order to construct cabinets for the tea house. Everyone decides to go turn in early in order to get a good rest before the morning.

During the night, Zorrin is awoken by a presence in his room: someone from “The Tower” (those samsarans who want to stay insular). He is concerned about the two lands that have recently joined and could cause contamination to the samsaran culture.

The next morning, the troupe head west towards the woods. One of the accompanying tieflings tells Maeve about the “heartwood” trees, whose wood retains warmth forever after. After a day of chopping and loading, they spend the night and continue the next day. In the afternoon, Zorran spots a goblin and tries to make a bird noise (that Amaira immediately determines is not a bird by Zorran himself). The scout gets shot down rather easily and Zorran loots the body.

Upon returning to Dagna, they split up the lumber (1 unit of oak and 0.5 units of heartwood) and return the wagon.

Session 24
Ring of fire sword

On the morning following the festival, the squad decides to head up to the castle inhabited by the undead. They stumble upon many pieces of silverware for Momoko‘s tea house, as well as a magic ring that Zorran uses to summon a fire sword. After some fooling around with a magical vault door, Zorran decides to isolate himself on the other side and found he couldn’t open it. Maeve rescued him from some spear-wielding creatures by opening the door, which repelled them. When Amaira decides to help Zorran a second time, the creatures return in a group of five, but they turn out to be an eclectic collection (human, bugbear, etc.) and talk about their “circles” and their dedication to the blood gods.

Amaira and Maeve discuss the disappearance of the gods one thousand years ago, and whether the blood gods actually exist in this realm. (The worshipers were under the impression that they receive blessings to their sacrifices.) They decide to head back to town with their loot (silverware, fire ring, ice pendant, food, etc.).

Cashwise, each party member gets: 14 PP, 137 GP, 30 SP, 11 CP. With 1 copper leftover, Amaira suggests throwing it down the well and making a wish. She watches it plummet down the water and come to a rest upon the shield. “My wish didn’t come true!”

Session 23
The festival

The group returns to Dagna unscathed and find the village going about its regular business. Amaira directs the sisters’ wagon to the Robin’s Roost tavern so that bread can begin to be baked. She convinces the tavern owner to lend use of the ovens to bake the bread, as it will be good exposure for them, and asks the sisters to share the recipe, to which Hildegarde agrees. Violette and Vittoria set to baking.

Maeve and Annabeth decide to tour around town. Momoko notices Maera following her back toward the teahouse. Zorran spies this following, and approaches the young girl about her actions.

Momoko goes to speak with Shan at Shotokai Dojo about Maera’s desire to gain magic power for her own ambitions, instead of for the benefit of others. Shan can’t remember from whom Remilia Atkascha learned her magic, and then agrees to distract Maera so that Momoko can go home unfollowed. After Momoko checks in with her apprentices, she goes to speak with the mask merchant.

Zorran goes to the tavern to see what the hubbub about the bread is, asking which shape tastes best. After suffering enough annoyance, Hildegarde throws a rye roll at him. He breaks it in half and gives one half to a cat-girl, which causes a ruckus.

The next day, Momoko asks to borrow Amaria’s skeleton horse to go searching for the guard captain, Kotiro. Zorran informs Momoko about her stalker, and agrees to take Maera to The Walled City to see about finding someone willing to speak with her about magic. Maeve offers to accompany Momoko on her search.

They eventually come across Kotiro and Bekan scowling over a “Go” board at a campsite. Kotiro says he was planning to make an entrance on the day of the festival. One of the headless birds flies overhead and Maeve shoots it down on her second shot. When they return to Dagna and seek out someone to purify the dead bird, Ordan snatches the corpse and throws it into the fire. Some animosity between Amaira and her mother get expressed over the contract signed with Lord Aberthrax of The Castle.

The festival day arrives!

The market square is the centre of activity. A contingent of samsarans arrive, curious about the goings on. The Ahlgren sisters have a table set up to offer bread products. Monika makes an appearance, greeting people left and right. Many from South Crystalmere show up by the wagon-full, along with many baked goods made from other grains than wheat. Tiefelings are preparing roasted pig and the Robin’s Roost tavern brings out mead and ale.

Dirk Ironstag starts playing music, and is largely panned by the South Crystalmerians. Maeve plays her flute and gets an excellent reception. Momoko sings and plays her lap-harp and then reads her haiku about the lands joining. Shan also reads a poem, followed by Amaira. Zorran flubs his performance and gets a pity clap from a few in the audience.

After the poem time, Momoko introduces Kotiro, who makes a dramatic entrance and performance. The rest of the night is raucous with drinking and merriment. Vittoria confides in Maeve that Wannar is “kind of amazing”. Later in the night, a wave of nausea goes through the crowd: in the humans and cat-girls who tried the new “wheat bread”.

The following morning, Kotiro tells Momoko about a samsaran who feels he is being targeted for murder in each of his lifetimes (seven incidents so far).

Session 22
The more the merrier

Zorran only gets relaxation out of his visit to the hot springs (no companionship, no mystical healing). Amaira returns to the Ebonheart Crossing Inn with her father, Wannar, followed closely by the samsaran. Wannar commences to healing the injured, including Maeve and Zorran. Momoko plays her flute, much to the enjoyment of one of the sisters.

After the heads of Zorran and Maeve clear a bit thanks to Wannar’s restoration, they discuss the hydra being the most dangerous creature spotted since they entered the Chaos Sea. Momoko gifts a cup of sake to Amaira, and a wind chime to Annabeth Ahlgren. Dinner is served (cooked up by Vittoria Ahlgren), along with some ale.

The six Algren sisters plus Maeve were the only ones in the inn when their land mass disappeared from their world. During the inane conversation about scars and Zorran showing some of his, Wannar mentions that the Robin’s Roost tavern in Dagna was named by the Sleeping Bear lodge after the foraging nature of the namesake bird. Zorran asks Momoko to tell one of her favourite stories, and she tells a story about frogs in a bucket of milk (instead of one about Zorran). When Amaira asks for another ale, Zorran instead receives an herbal tea made by Wannar.

Zorran then tells the story about his first life (and death), and Amaira vows to keep up with Vittoria in drinking… and Amaira manages to outdrink her. The next morning, breakfast is enjoyed and discussion surrounds “dwarves” and “trains”. Four days until the festival!

When they reach the decaying stone ruins accompanied by a swirling portal, Maeve reveals that the sword on her hip used to be in the slit inside the pedestal among the ruins: it was her removing of the sword that caused the landmass to separate from its former world. Zorran gets skittish at the presence of the portal and takes off, avoiding Momoko’s spell, and the three women decide they will go to South Crystalmere. After some further conversation, Maeve fails an attempt at slight of hand to steal the twig, he catches her hand, and then she manages to capture it with her other hand. After a brief struggle, Maeve tosses the branch into the pedestal, and the branch swiftly grows into the size of a five-year-old tree. After Zorran smacks Maeve upside the head, Momoko declares, “All right! Let’s go the festival!”

On the way back to Dagna, Amaira offers her horse to pull the wagon full of bread dough. Annabeth agrees to ride with Zorran, and they decide to take off on ahead. Maera interrogates Momoko about how she burned the hydra, and what it feels like to have magical powers. Maera is hoping to learn more so that she can have power: she was trapped at the inn for three years, and in the years before that.

Annabeth asks Zorran about Dagna and the people of the land, and he fills her head with biased nonsense about the tieflings.

Session 21
Getting de-hydra-ted

Yamada no Momoko rides like the wind back to Dagna to meet up with Zorran, Amaira Ordansdottr, and Maeve Yonge as they were planning to depart for the Ebonheart Crossing Inn. As they ride along, they start to see some partial mountains in the distance, and a dirt highway starts all of a sudden at the impact zone where the two land masses collided.

They travel through the former mountain pass and it opens up onto a stunning plateau with some buildings and farmland… and a hydra attacking a farm house. Maeve and Zorran charge in to attack along with some of the sisters, after Amaira casts haste on the party. Momoko singes one of the stumps after heads roll, and Amaira adds some grease under the hydra that causes it to fall over.

Zorran gets bit by the hydra and poisoned as a result, quickly followed by Maeve also getting bitten. Amaira helps out by casting enlarge person on Zorran. Using his large size, Zorran is able to step on multiple necks of the hydra and remove one more head. After more attacks by Momoko and Maeve (and a heal for Zorran from Amaira), Zorran cuts off the last head and goes after the belly of the beast. Just as they think they have finished it off, one of the stumps sprouts two new heads! After further heroics, the squad finishes off the hydra and burns the body.

The squad discusses the situation of the land masses with Hildegard, the innkeeper, and the other women. After some discussion, and seeing how Zorran and Maeve are in need of a healer, Amaira offers to return to Dagna to retrieve someone from the Raven’s Eye lodge for help.

Maeve goes to her room to wash up, and rooms are prepared for Zorran and Momoko. Zorran decides to partake in the hot springs, while Momoko plays her flute in the common area, much to the fascination of Maera.

Session 20
Bread: you can slice it?

The sun rises the next day in a cloudless sky, five days before the festival. The mask merchant asks Yamada no Momoko about the tengu and if they will attend the festival… apparently the locals still are talking about the “bird people” who helped rescue the tiefling prisoners from the hobgoblins. Momoko tells the merchant to spread the word that their warriors wear feathered capes and aren’t actually “bird people”.

Maeve Yonge decides to “investigate” breakfast and finds the sweet smell of tofu within the teahouse, and makes a good impression upon the villagers of Atamaishiyama. Zorran returns to Dagna ready to head to the inn and finds the teashop packed to the rafters. He reports that posters are going up and Momoko expresses concerns about low exposure for the festival and the “wrong facts” being spread about the tengu. They argue back and forth and cause Maeve to uncomfortably excuse herself, with Zorran being upset about Momoko talking about deception in front of their “honoured guest”.

While they are having this argument, a troll lunges toward Zorran! He steps to the side and blocks a masked Amaira Ordansdottr, who only startled him and gets a lot of laughter from the others in the room. Momoko explains about the two issues of spreading word, so Amaira proposes going to the Robin’s Roost tavern to spread rumours amongst the cat-girl waitresses.

They are seated by Tabitha and Amaira strikes up a conversation about the festival. When they get on the conversation, Maeve realizes that these people have never seen or eaten bread before. Amaira is amazed when Maeve says it can be sliced, and she and Zorran are equally impressed when Maeve says she can also make bread.

Zorran attempts to regale the room with the story of the costumed humans who rescued the tielfings and goes mostly unnoticed, until he stands on his chair and begins shouting out about the festival, including bread and warriors dressed as birds, despite rumours about the tengu and a boy in South Crystalmere who claims to have been trained by tengu.

Meanwhile, Momoko yells at Aki and gets him to collect feathers to create cloaks for the festival. When the others return, Zorran tells her about the happenings at the tavern and the promise for traditional feathered warriors. After some hilarious conversation, Momoko heads to Atamaishiyama and the other three head to Maeve’s place to meet her inn-mates.

Momoko goes to speak with Bekan Hildesdottr to rent a horse, and he proposes accompanying her messenger through the dangerous forest. Momoko protests and instead she proposes he go with her. When she says nobody goes to the top of the mountain, and yet that is where the shrine is located, he asks why they have a shrine that nobody goes to. Momoko insists upon blindfolding him at certain points of the journey. They make their way to the village and encounter the guard captain, and Momoko informs him of the request for “tengu warriors” to make an appearance. While Bekan goes with the commander to scale the mountain, Momoko has a chat with Okimoto.

Zorran, Amaira, and Maeve head to the Ebenheart Crossing Inn…

Session 19
Six days until the festival

Yamada no Momoko heads to South Crystalmere to shore up more support for the festival. When visiting one of the farms, the matron spots someone in the fields. Momoko and the matron venture out and encounter Maeve Yonge, who claims to have come from an inn just down the road… but her road used to end at the sea. After some discussion, Maeve decides to follow along with Momoka back to Dagna.

Zorran rides from the Walled City and arrives at Shan Puneko’s dojo to find the proprieter training Amaira Ordansdottr to report that the keystone of the samsarans has indicated a new land has arrived toward the south and have about seven days to connect with it. Shan declines to join them in the search, and notes that Momoko is to the south.

Zorrans asks Momoko’s apprentices to provide some provisions for the trip, and they head out on horse. At about sunset, Maeve spots a horned person ona skeleton horse accompanied by a blue-skinned person. Momoka tells her to stop, since they are “sort-of friends” of hers. Zorran explains the official response squad and the requirement to investigate. Maeve explains the inn where seven women live, including herself. They agree to return to Dagna, and Amaira proposes heading out the next day after obtaining mounts for the other two.

When they return to Dagna, the four of them decide to hit the pub, after passing a pipe-smoking bearded fellow selling a variety of animal masks. Maeve thinks she knows where their keystone is located, and believes it is a receiver.

Inside the pub, five tielfing hunters are singing folk songs. Amaira and Maeve (calling the infernal language “Yemish”) talk about snow zombies before Annick brings them through the crowd to a table. After telling the table about the “dread prince”, Amaira says it’s a good thing that none of the Yemites made it through since they have their own undead castle to deal with…

Session 18
Festival and training

Momoko continues planning her festival. Amaira decides to train with Shan (mechanically: 5 HP below max @ 3 days per HP => 15 days needed). Zorran seeks out some training of a different sort, exploring a weapon shop.

When Momoko returns after five days, she has a mule loaded with masks. Amaira notices that Annick has been sneaking glances at her during the training. Another five days pass and Amaira has trained up (3.2 HP). Other stuff happened, too!

Session 17

Upon returning to Dagna, the party sees that members of the Sleeping Bear Lodge are still perched on rooftops with their bows at the ready. Amaira suggests stopping for lunch before continuing to the Walled City to deliver the signed contract. To the tavern!

Annick greets the party and seats them at a table, and tells Shan about his progress on clapping while doing push-ups. The special of beef-and-corn stew gets served, and after they take the signed contract to the legal experts at the Walled City, followed by a visit to Mayor Dolorian to deliver an update. Momoko proposes having a festival to celebrate the joining of the new land, and the others tell her about the festivals in Dagna, the Walled City, and South Crystalmere. Zorran says he’ll stay at his place in the City.

Momoko, Amaira, and Shan round up the three main lodge leaders to meet at the tea house in an hour. Faustina Bystrom is displeased to be summoned away from the lodge, but grudgingly agrees. Ordan Freydisdottr is hanging laundry, incensing the carpets and tapestries to infuse them with ritual smokes. Bekan Hildesdottr is off studying J├Ârmungandr, so they speak to Liefen the deputy, an athletic, wiry fellow.

Momoka explains the situation at the castle and the town of Arven to the lodge leaders. Despite some misgivings from Faustina and Ordan, they all accept the terms of the agreement with Abarthrax. Momoko goes on to talk about her plans for a festival to celebrate the recent joining. Faustina agrees with Amaira about making this the rite of adulthood, and Ordan says it is up to her husband to determine when that is to occur. Everyone agrees on having the festival in two weeks.

Amaira volunteers to go relay the information about the new land and the festival to Elbert Grove. When Shan returns to her dojo, Annick admits that he can’t clap nine times during a push-up, and he meant he could do one clap with a push-up nine times in a row. He fears that Amaira will be disappointed if she finds out.

Momoko travels to Atamaishiyama and speaks with Okimoto about the festival and spends the weekend.

Session 16

The party wakes up and finds things to be eerily quiet. When they descend to the main tavern room, vacant of all evidence of anyone ever having been present. Zorran inspects the kitchen and finds it in the same state of vacancy. After deciding that the town poses no threat and simply a confusing mystery, the squad makes for the keep.

Upon reaching the courtyard, the bones of the skeletons that were felled the other day have disappeared from the ground. Shan warns the group to not eat the food before they prepare themselves to peek through the doors into the grand hall. Upon entering the feast hall, there is a new robed creature inside repairing the skeletons. When he asks if the party are adventurers, Amaira explains that they defended themselves when attacked. After some conversation, the man in robes pauses the feast and invites the adventuring team to enter to discuss further. He claims that adventurers should attack the skeletons as per “the script”.

He introduces himself as the apprentice to Lord Aberthrax, and eventually reveals that he himself is undead (formerly an elf in life). Amaira presses about Arven, with “conjured entities” as a “vacation attraction” for other “entities” with whom the lordship has dealings. Shan decides to be our “champion”, and the apprentice speaks to “his lordship” in infernal, telling it to combat with Shan with intent to kill. After a few rounds, Shan takes out the skeleton’s “non-beating non-heart” and it falls apart.

The apprentice takes out a crystal ball and beings to communicate with his master. A tall figure with blue skin (not of Zorran’s people) appears! He appears to not be undead, i.e. fully alive. Zorran introduces the concept of joining the lands. Aberthrax says his only conditions to joining are not destroying the town of Arven (nor malign any of his guests) and that entering the castle will result in being attacked by the creatures.

Zorran and Amaira determine that he has no reason to lie to us, and has an air of confidence and lack of worry. Momoko points out that this would make a good defensive point should any future land masses arrive that are unfriendly.

When Zorran tells Aberthrax that they agree to join, Aberthrax brings out a large scroll written in infernal, and Amaira reads it over to ensure it suits the agreement. After further discussion, Zorran hands Aberthrax the keystone to be placed. Following the signing, Amaira asks if the castle is named: it’s not, as it has no import. She asks about Arven, and then Bellamina, the latter of which definitely caught his attention, and other names…

On the way back to Dagna, Shan brings up her concerns about the “souls” living in Arven, and the eternal “Groundhog Day” in which they live. At least with the land attached, they can be helped some day.


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