Dagna is the main village in the tiefling realm in this dimension and, as such, is primarily populated by tieflings. The village is located on the north-east coast of Lake Crystalmere, and lies roughly halfway between South Crystalmere (mostly human and elf populous) and The Walled City (mostly samsaran inhabitants).

When the slice of their world was absorbed into the void one thousand years ago, the viking culture lost connection to their deities. Coincidentally, none of the other three realms had their deities transfer over either. The only supernatural creature to have survived the transition to the void from the tiefling realm was Jörmungandr (an aggressor keystone), an immortal sea serpent dwelling in an underground ocean below a mountain range in the south east of the dimension. The entrance leading to Jörmungandr is guarded by a castle at the base of the mountains.

When the original vikings arrived, their raiding ways were still fully intact and ended up breaking down a section of the great wall surrounding The Walled City. During this raid, many artefacts were taken back to Dagna. While over the centuries many have been returned to the samsarans, some still remains as trophies being passed down through the generations of proud tieflings.

Over the centuries, the vast majority of tieflings became atheistic yet held on tightly to their viking traditions. There are three primary lodges in Dagna, the most prominent being the Reaving Falcon Warrior Lodge led by Faustina Bystrom. The Reaving Falcons focus on raiding practices and militaristic skills, both martial and magical. Estarus Gorfasson is also a member of the lodge.

There are some tieflings over the years who have attempted to re-initiate a connection to the gods. Amaira Ordansdottr is one such example of those who have been able to make connections with other planes of existence.


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