Hero Points

Hero Points are the edge that a noteworthy hero needs to push himself beyond the ranks of the common and into the company of bardic legends. Hero points allow a player to change how the game is played, either mechanically or story wise. Once a Hero Point is gone, it is gone forever. A character may have any number of Hero Points, there is no such thing as a ‘maxed out pool’.

Hero Points can be acquired by :

  • Gaining a level
  • Accomplishing a significant goal of personal importance to that character (eg. bringing to justice the man who killed your father, expunging the last worshipers of a faith antithetical to your own)
  • Completing any of the Hero Point Bounties listed on the Main Page of the Keystone Project campaign
  • Getting arbitrarily hosed by the DM (eg. Your spell fails even through the baddie failed their saving throw, you wake up in chains when you went to sleep in your room)
  • Particularly awesome moments in roleplaying

Hero Points can be spent on :

  • Re-rolling a roll, note this is the player deciding, so the character doesn’t even need to know they are making the roll
  • Using a power that’s number of uses has already been expended, such as Turn Undead or a Barbarian Rage
  • Casting a spell on your character’s list despite not having the spell prepared or a spell slot available
  • Casting a spell using metamagic feats you have, but without increasing the level of the spell
  • Receive the blessings of a God. Must explain what you have done that a god or goddess might look favourably upon. Duration of the blessing and effect will vary on what is appropriate
  • Want to see a specific NPC turn up again, be they friend of villian? Spend a hero point, and they’ll turn up relatively soon
  • Request an event to occur in the campaign world. Maybe you’d love to see the next phase shift deposit an actual Roman Colosseum outside of the city. You make the general suggestion, but I’ll probably play with the details
  • Receive a clue as to the workings of something in the campaign world. Maybe uncover something about the builder of the ruins you explored back, or you want to learn more about the inner workings of a faction
  • Other things you can think of that you’d like to pitch

Hero Points

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