Shotokai Dojo

The Shotokai Dojo is run by Shan in the town of Dagna. Here she trains the villagers in her own brand of Anything Goes Martial Arts for a modest fee, to cover expenses.

Shotokan Dojo Gi - provides a +2 to prestige!
Game Stats

Level 1 Dojo (still owe 300 gp)
Earnings: gp, Influence, or Labor
Prestige: +2 (Fancy Uniforms)
Benefit: counts as a training facility for training or retraining, train 1 hour for +1 to attack rolls for the day

This open area is used for practicing combat or other physical skills. If used for combat training, it includes humanoid-shaped training dummies or silhouettes for target practice. Most Dojos include simple floor mats or straw pallets to cushion falls, plus racks containing nonlethal versions of standard weapons. You can use a Dojo to train up to 10 people at a time. It can be used as Bunks, though it is much less comfortable than using actual beds or cots.

Shotokai Dojo

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