The Keystone Project

Session 1

A whole new world

Remilia Atkascha accompanies Dave the turnip farmer to Dagna. When an earthquake strikes the world, Faustina Bystrom takes the turnip cart from Dave and takes off with Remila, Amaira Ordansdottr, and Yamada no Momoko in the wagon toward where a bird flew with a red ribbon in its grip. “The hand of the mayor” (Peter’s character) steals a horse and heads in the direction of the bird as well, overtaking the caravan.

About 45 minutes later at what used to be the coast (now a ridge-line where to two land masses impacted), “the hand” comes upon a new land, mostly appearing to be farm fields along with a large manor. A farmer with a couple of hounds awaits the Samsaran’s approach. He introduces himself as Antok, the trade representative, and “the hand” introduces himself as Zorran. Zorran joins Antok for peace, trade, and lemonade. The workers in the field appear to be slaves, mostly humans and halflings.

The others discuss tactics during travel (i.e. Amaira cautions Faustina to be careful). Hobgoblins assault the party from camouflage! The three women defend themselves, eventually all falling unconscious during the battle from their wounds. Zorran stops the hobgoblins from finishing them off, and convinces Antok to allow the three to be “extradited” for trial.



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