The Keystone Project

Session 19

Six days until the festival

Yamada no Momoko heads to South Crystalmere to shore up more support for the festival. When visiting one of the farms, the matron spots someone in the fields. Momoko and the matron venture out and encounter Maeve Yonge, who claims to have come from an inn just down the road… but her road used to end at the sea. After some discussion, Maeve decides to follow along with Momoka back to Dagna.

Zorran rides from the Walled City and arrives at Shan Puneko’s dojo to find the proprieter training Amaira Ordansdottr to report that the keystone of the samsarans has indicated a new land has arrived toward the south and have about seven days to connect with it. Shan declines to join them in the search, and notes that Momoko is to the south.

Zorrans asks Momoko’s apprentices to provide some provisions for the trip, and they head out on horse. At about sunset, Maeve spots a horned person ona skeleton horse accompanied by a blue-skinned person. Momoka tells her to stop, since they are “sort-of friends” of hers. Zorran explains the official response squad and the requirement to investigate. Maeve explains the inn where seven women live, including herself. They agree to return to Dagna, and Amaira proposes heading out the next day after obtaining mounts for the other two.

When they return to Dagna, the four of them decide to hit the pub, after passing a pipe-smoking bearded fellow selling a variety of animal masks. Maeve thinks she knows where their keystone is located, and believes it is a receiver.

Inside the pub, five tielfing hunters are singing folk songs. Amaira and Maeve (calling the infernal language “Yemish”) talk about snow zombies before Annick brings them through the crowd to a table. After telling the table about the “dread prince”, Amaira says it’s a good thing that none of the Yemites made it through since they have their own undead castle to deal with…



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