The Keystone Project

Session 21

Getting de-hydra-ted

Yamada no Momoko rides like the wind back to Dagna to meet up with Zorran, Amaira Ordansdottr, and Maeve Yonge as they were planning to depart for the Ebonheart Crossing Inn. As they ride along, they start to see some partial mountains in the distance, and a dirt highway starts all of a sudden at the impact zone where the two land masses collided.

They travel through the former mountain pass and it opens up onto a stunning plateau with some buildings and farmland… and a hydra attacking a farm house. Maeve and Zorran charge in to attack along with some of the sisters, after Amaira casts haste on the party. Momoko singes one of the stumps after heads roll, and Amaira adds some grease under the hydra that causes it to fall over.

Zorran gets bit by the hydra and poisoned as a result, quickly followed by Maeve also getting bitten. Amaira helps out by casting enlarge person on Zorran. Using his large size, Zorran is able to step on multiple necks of the hydra and remove one more head. After more attacks by Momoko and Maeve (and a heal for Zorran from Amaira), Zorran cuts off the last head and goes after the belly of the beast. Just as they think they have finished it off, one of the stumps sprouts two new heads! After further heroics, the squad finishes off the hydra and burns the body.

The squad discusses the situation of the land masses with Hildegard, the innkeeper, and the other women. After some discussion, and seeing how Zorran and Maeve are in need of a healer, Amaira offers to return to Dagna to retrieve someone from the Raven’s Eye lodge for help.

Maeve goes to her room to wash up, and rooms are prepared for Zorran and Momoko. Zorran decides to partake in the hot springs, while Momoko plays her flute in the common area, much to the fascination of Maera.



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