The Keystone Project

Session 8

The party continues into the caves, and comes into an area containing a statue atop a fountain, filled with a lime-green liquid. Amaira notices scoring on the bowl from the liquid, and Zorran recalls that he has seen the fluid in an alchemist’s shop. Momoko determines that it is, in essence, a “bird bath of acid”. The path splits in two, and Shan declares heading left.

The next room has a series of columns with a low ceiling of fine spiderwebs. Suspended in the webs are numerous gemstones, which Amaira determines are topaz. Shan jams the torch into the spiderwebs and they burn rather quickly, causing the gemstones to fall, and Momoko and Amaira each catch one as they fall, while the other two fell to the ground and shattered on the inside.

Past the spider room, the next area is a larger room with a series of transparent white gemstones in knee-high piles and a giant door at the other end of the room, complete with its own collection of levers. Amaira and Momoko determine that the crystals are salt, completely clear. Zorran starts to investigate the door while Shan starts loading up salt crystals into a sack. Zorran determines that discs on the ceiling are written in Samsaran, and the group determines that the person who wrote these don’t have them as their native language: Samsaran, Cat-Folk, and Elven.

After some failed attempts, the party returns to the room with the cauldron fountain, which itself is extremely smooth: Amaira determines that this has been carved out of stone that is fully integrated with the floor. Shan lends her clay cup to Momoko to use it to scoop up any possible gems at the bottom of the bowl; unfortunately, the mage hand spell is not sufficient to stand up against the resistance of the liquid.

The party takes the right tunnel this time, and it appears to be veering off in two directions. Shan runs into something solid and sharp, which cuts her face! She appears to have run into the “knife edge” of a mirror. They decide to continue down on the left, with Shan swooping the torch in front of her. After about ten minutes, the party finds themselves back at the cauldron. Amaira gives it a try, sticking the the right, and after fifteen minutes return to the acid bath again. Momoko decides to attempt navigating on the third trip, and Shan notices this time around that the ceilings occasionally have eyes peeking through. Shan waves and greets the eyes, which gets a greeting in reply. She then asks which way we should be going, and some fingers poke out to help navigate. Amaira feels they are going in circles and proposes leaving a trail of bread crumbs.

A spider falls from the ceiling on top of Shan! She blasts it with electricity before it lands on her face. Amaira laughs at the spectacle, and Momoko throws a ray of frost in Shan’s direction and knocks her on her rear end. Zorran attempts to swat the spider away and instead it climbs onto his hand, giving Shan the opportunity to squish it between her hands, followed by wiping them off on Momoko’s robes.

“Better run!” comes some broken Common from above, before some clear, viscous fluid hits Amaira’s hair. She decides they should head back to the acid bath. Amaira and Momoko both get rather drenched by the fluid, while Zorran and Shan avoid it. Back at the acid bath, Shan determines that it is some kind of cooking oil. Flicking some into the acid produces no reaction. While they are discussing the next move, little flaming sticks begin to fall from the ceiling. Amaira manages to avoid them, while Momoko is protected by Shan’s kung fu and Zorran’s scimitar. They decide to leave, but not before another round of flaming sticks fall from the ceiling. Again, Shan plucks the flaming stick from Momoko’s threat, yet Zorran can not protect Amaira who catches fire (9 – 5 = 4 dmg).

Outside of the room with the acid bath, the viewing ports stop. Once they reach the open air, those who need to wash up in the river and got healed up. After a short rest, they decide to head back to Dagna.



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