Amaira Ordansdottr

A tiefling attuned to the planes and beyond


Amaira has pale-red skin accented by jet-black hair and yellow eyes. She is quick to temper, but is also quick to forgive. Despite these traits, her manner is typically pleasant and calm. She sometimes tends to appear to be day-dreaming when she is sensing a far-off plane. Amaira believes in actions that build a better and more fair society, but usually doesn’t care if the means follow the standard laws of society.

When Amaira synthesizes with Enamund, the appearance of the water dragon translucently overlays her tiefling appearance, with reds and blues swirling and always changing.


Amaira hails from Dagna, the home of the tieflings in this realm. Her parents both still live in the village as well: her father, Wannar, is a leading member of the Raven’s Eye Mystic Lodge; her mother, Ordan, sits as an elder on the town council. A single child, Amaira found peership with her cousin Estarus (son of Gorfa, Ordan’s younger brother), who in return preferred spending time with her rather than his two older brothers.

When not getting into trouble with Estarus, Amaira leaned toward following her father’s pursuits into the spiritual realm. Wannar welcomed his daughter into the Raven’s Eye when she came of age, but quickly asserted that Amaira had skills far beyond those of anybody in the lodge, and possibly the realm. After a year under Wannar’s tutelage, her father encouraged her to leave the lodge and explore her mystic abilities in the surrounding countryside as a sort-of vision quest.

At the age of 24, Amaira sought out the insights of nature for months, and instead discovered a connection to distant planes. Thereafter, with many years of training, she discovered she could converse with creatures in those other realms. Eventually, Amaira established a deep friendship with a knucker (water dragon) named Enamund, eventually finding a way to bring his essence into her realm.

Although she has not yet been able to determine for certain, Amaira believes she has also sensed deities in other planes. While she was attempting to reach one in a spirit realm, a malevolent ghost used her primitive channel to escape its plane and enter that of the void. She became cursed by the ghost, which has been unable to leave her side since and takes its anger out on her by causing minor mishaps and strange occurrences (such as unexpected breezes, small objects moving on their own, and faint noises). Amaira has been unable to communicate with the spirit, yet has come to live with its presence.

Amaira Ordansdottr

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