Ordan Freydisdottr

Elder representing the Raven's Eye Mystic Lodge


Ordan is the Elder that represents the interests of the Raven’s Eye Mystic Lodge. While she is not the most powerful oracle to serve the lodge, she has earned a lot of respect for being a practical person. A trait that is arguably more important than mystical prowess in her role.

Ordan is the wife of Wannar, the leader of the Raven’s Eye Mystic Lodge. She is the cloud to his silver lining. In general, she seems annoyed when problems escalate to the point of her having to get involved. She is quite handy though, most of the mystical robes worn by the oracles of Dagna were sewn by her hand. She knows what to do with a damaged tool or house and can mix up a mean poultice.


Ordan Freydisdottr

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