The Keystone Project

Session 20

Bread: you can slice it?

The sun rises the next day in a cloudless sky, five days before the festival. The mask merchant asks Yamada no Momoko about the tengu and if they will attend the festival… apparently the locals still are talking about the “bird people” who helped rescue the tiefling prisoners from the hobgoblins. Momoko tells the merchant to spread the word that their warriors wear feathered capes and aren’t actually “bird people”.

Maeve Yonge decides to “investigate” breakfast and finds the sweet smell of tofu within the teahouse, and makes a good impression upon the villagers of Atamaishiyama. Zorran returns to Dagna ready to head to the inn and finds the teashop packed to the rafters. He reports that posters are going up and Momoko expresses concerns about low exposure for the festival and the “wrong facts” being spread about the tengu. They argue back and forth and cause Maeve to uncomfortably excuse herself, with Zorran being upset about Momoko talking about deception in front of their “honoured guest”.

While they are having this argument, a troll lunges toward Zorran! He steps to the side and blocks a masked Amaira Ordansdottr, who only startled him and gets a lot of laughter from the others in the room. Momoko explains about the two issues of spreading word, so Amaira proposes going to the Robin’s Roost tavern to spread rumours amongst the cat-girl waitresses.

They are seated by Tabitha and Amaira strikes up a conversation about the festival. When they get on the conversation, Maeve realizes that these people have never seen or eaten bread before. Amaira is amazed when Maeve says it can be sliced, and she and Zorran are equally impressed when Maeve says she can also make bread.

Zorran attempts to regale the room with the story of the costumed humans who rescued the tielfings and goes mostly unnoticed, until he stands on his chair and begins shouting out about the festival, including bread and warriors dressed as birds, despite rumours about the tengu and a boy in South Crystalmere who claims to have been trained by tengu.

Meanwhile, Momoko yells at Aki and gets him to collect feathers to create cloaks for the festival. When the others return, Zorran tells her about the happenings at the tavern and the promise for traditional feathered warriors. After some hilarious conversation, Momoko heads to Atamaishiyama and the other three head to Maeve’s place to meet her inn-mates.

Momoko goes to speak with Bekan Hildesdottr to rent a horse, and he proposes accompanying her messenger through the dangerous forest. Momoko protests and instead she proposes he go with her. When she says nobody goes to the top of the mountain, and yet that is where the shrine is located, he asks why they have a shrine that nobody goes to. Momoko insists upon blindfolding him at certain points of the journey. They make their way to the village and encounter the guard captain, and Momoko informs him of the request for “tengu warriors” to make an appearance. While Bekan goes with the commander to scale the mountain, Momoko has a chat with Okimoto.

Zorran, Amaira, and Maeve head to the Ebenheart Crossing Inn…



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