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Janet’s People

- live on a mountain top
- mountain top has some forest and a lake
- village of about 400 to 500 people
- Rural Japan
- Kitsunes, and Tengu
- keystone on the peak, carved out of the rock, giant stone head, always completely clear
-outsiders haven’t confirmed that the village isn’t occupied by humans
- hold an annual costume contest where they try to hide who they are from others

Alec’s People
- water crystal is the keystone
- temple with the village springing up to support it
- temple staffed by about 100 or so monks, now just a handful of die hards dedicated to the books
- all water come from the water crystal
- Humans, Elves, Half Elves, and Catgirls
- Catgirls used to be in the Janet village, but now live in the ‘supervillage’ and have bred to go from furry to humans with ears and tails
- Don’t grow any kind of wheat, and thus there are no kinds of bread available
- a curmudgeony, backwoods conservative
- Shotokai Dojo

Peter’s People
- secret societies, started as trade, drifted from it, like the stonemasons
- it is taboo to lie
- canoe mafia is a secret society
- when your memories return at puberty, you show up to the society guild hall and present yourself to be inducted as an adult
- outsiders can be inducted if they find the hall, but cannot be told of where it is or invited
- a society knows about the Tengu and protects their secret from general knowledge
- keystone is an aggressor, a bansai tree
- one guy doesn’t know about the societies, he is the mayor
- 300 to 500 people

-800 years ago, adventurers went missing while exploring new attached realms
-realms have been popping up the whole time

Mike’s People

- realm called Dagna
- ancient norse people
- have no gods, since they didn’t have any survive the transition
- Tiefling people
- Jormungandr is an aggressor keystone, living creature, undying, plucking fangs from it’s maw are the keystone relic
- broke the wall of Peter’s people, raided them for stuff

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